Project no. 002003 


Product by X2 create Multiple Design
Creative Director :Ada

-Branding = Ada

-Visual design = S.Hsieh

-Interior Designer = White
-Space & Deco Designer = Ada / S.Hsieh







Following the vapor puffed out the coffee machine, the intensity of linear structure seems to be turning back time to Victoria era, the age of the glorious developments of machines that, with components of the splendid metal aesthetics, travel through the time corridors before reaching the outer wall covered with dusts.

​The indoor space of interior design is the French-style dessert shop, in which the wooden architectural structures, coordinating the green-and-blue bricks, exhibit the intriguing features of space, which resembles of the European charms. The captivating big bronze clock, adorned on the dessert display counter, is reminiscent of the scene in fancy movie that the meandering copper tubes unveil the grand era of coffee machine factory fascinatingly bringing people back to the summit of the 19th century industrial age in Europe.

The smooth traffic flows and structures, omnipresent discernible in the shop, spawn the laid-back ambience. The copper materials, as well as the spanning lines, are comprehensively embellished in the shop, where the ornaments of the planet globes on the ceiling imply the passing time. The lavish clock gear adornments, in numerous sizes, signify the power reversing time that enlivens the core spirits of the overall design work.

Extending to the ceiling, the vista walls, on which decorated with the texts, symbolize the book wall of time that the composite of literatures and desserts brings out the unique aroma. The applications of divergent materials, e.g. woods, irons, mosaics, bricks and coppers, consolidate the retro European countryside style and the craftsmanship of metal aesthetics that, together with the plentiful installation arts, systematically decorate the indoor space, which is the space of time stories.

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